Government Incentives You Are Likely To Get By Installing Solar Power In Brisbane

Installing solar power can help you enjoy clean, sustainable energy. Better still, you can benefit from tons of government incentives once you install a solar panel in Brisbane. Most of these incentives are meant to lure households and businesses into embracing solar energy as a sustainable and eco-friendly energy source. It is no wonder that the number of people installing solar power throughout Brisbane has been on the rise.

Below are some of the government incentives that you are most likely to benefit from once you install solar power Brisbane.


Rebates are some of the common incentives that the government is offering to residents of Brisbane to encourage them to invest in solar power. Rebates are meant to lower the cost of the solar system by between 10% and 20%. In most instances, the government offers cash rebates to residents of a particular municipality in Brisbane to promote solar energy.

Small-scale technology certificates

These certificates are offered by the federal government of Brisbane to small business owners and homeowners who invest their money in solar systems. The number of certificates that a business owner or a homeowner gets is largely determined by the amount of solar energy they are generating from their system. To qualify for these certificates, one must generate not less than 100 kW of solar energy.

State tax credits

Some Australian cities, including Brisbane, offer tax credits to households and businesses that install solar power systems. With these credits, part of the cost of the solar power system is deducted from the state tax bill. These amounts vary remarkably from one state to the other.

Feed-in tariffs

When one installs their solar power in Brisbane, they can connect the energy to the electricity grid particularly if they are producing solar energy in excess. The government offers people and businesses that connect their solar systems to the national grind a popular incentive popularly known as feed-in-tariffs. Once you qualify for these tariffs, you will be paid a specific amount of money for the amount of energy you are supplying the national grid with. The more kilowatts you supply the national grid with, the more the government pays you in return.

The government is committed to promoting the use of solar energy in Brisbane, and hence it is offering multiple incentives to encourage people and businesses to invest in solar energy. To benefits from all these tariffs, start investing in generating solar energy.

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