How A LinkedIn Campaign Works

Clicks, preferences, shares and comments are displayed in a diagram. It is also very interesting to see how many new followers have been acquired thanks to the posts. LinkedIn is an excellent platform for finding new customers, business partners and employees. The network offers various possibilities in this regard. But who are you able to reach on LinkedIn and how can you best approach your LinkedIn Campaign target?

LinkedIn within the social media mix

What has just been said does not mean, however, that what you publish on LinkedIn must necessarily be boring. Rather, focus on your target and general presentation of your brand. In other words this means: stay true to yourself but adapt the content to the LinkedIn Campaign context.

Also on LinkedIn, content marketing, storytelling and social selling are decisive. Should you focus more on formality or being at hand? To answer this question, just ask yourself another question: do you usually ask yourself to unknown business partners and potential employees? You know your company better than anyone else.

Marketing on LinkedIn

First of all, on LinkedIn there are updates (therefore posts) available as a marketing tool, which you can use for two types of content. On the one hand here you have a space to give information about the news of your company, in fact for this they are called updates: it is about LinkedIn Campaign successes, new products or services and future collaborations.

In addition you can also spread other content that always has the focus on business. Keep your followers informed about industry developments and ideas for increasing productivity. Similar content can also be made available via a well-designed content curation strategy for LinkedIn Campaign.

You can enhance the effect of your content strategy by inviting your employees to collaborate using their personal profiles: ask them if they are interested in spreading your content or creating their own, but always bearing in mind that everyone is responsible for their profile, therefore you should not interfere too much.

In addition, in addition to the company profile, it is also possible to create so-called showcase pages which are in principle structured as company profiles and are also created in the same way. This type of page is used to give particular emphasis to some specific offers that you have determined. By doing so you are able to dedicate a separate page to your brand, product or special service.

The sound will be muted. Rather than having to click or press on, advertisements automatically launch – without sound. If you do not want to watch it, just continue to browse your news feed. You need to click or tap the pub to hear its soundtrack.

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