How To Find A Cheap Office Desk?

Great news, office furniture has evolved from oversized wooden tables and cabinets to a more functional modern look that is part of the home decor. There are several ways to find a cheap office desk that will fit perfectly into your interior design at a very reasonable price.

Tip 1: Check out yard sales and flea markets for used desks. This can be a great way to not only save money but also have fun with bargain hunting. If you love garage sales or flea markets, this option might be perfect for you. You can always repaint or cover up any scratches.

Tip 2: Get plans for a simple pallet desk. There are many websites that offer free plans for this type of DIY project, and it will cost you nothing to build one. Pallets can be picked up for free at local businesses and recycled to make furniture like desks, tables, and chairs. Keep in mind that the cheapest option would be the simplest design that supports your laptop or monitor. You can even paint or stain the exterior as needed.

Tip 3: Buy pre-assembled home cheap office desk from discount stores such as Big Lots, Walmart, etc. If you want a sturdy laminate top with a storage drawer included, this is where to go, especially if you don’t have time or skill to make your own desk from scratch or use repurposed materials. It’s cheap, sturdy, and perfect for small spaces.

Tip 4: Go to your local lumber yard or home improvement store. You can usually find what you need by doing a quick walk through the isles. Most of these stores will have pre-cut desktops made from MDF boards that are ready to go. Home improvement stores also sell unfinished cabinets for storage which you can paint in any color you want to match with the desktop.

Tip 5: Look at discount office supply retailers such as Office Depot or Staples. They have very affordable desks in comparison to other options mentioned above, but you should expect lower quality when it comes to durability since they are not custom-made by hand like some other alternatives listed here.

Tip 6: Find a company in your local area that custom makes office furniture to order. Search the internet for local companies in your area and make sure they offer full service, including delivery and assembly. Compare prices and get quotes from at least three different companies. This option can definitely be costly, especially if you need more than just one desk, but it’s worth checking out since this is the only way to get exactly what you want with solid wood construction, custom paint colors, and hardware finishes.

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