How To Make The Most Out Of Your Android TV Box

Android boxes are becoming popular every year. According to Google, this smart TV boxes now have millions of users. The android technology has advanced so much so that you can now build it into high-end TVs like Sharp Aquos, Philip OLED, and Sony Bravia. If you have recently bought an Android TV Box, it is important to realize ways to utilize it fully. Consider the following pointers:

1. Add a Gaming Controller

The Android Box is quite handy for gaming enthusiasts. The technology comes with a ton of fun games that you can play. Even so, playing with the TV’s remote control makes it quite tedious. The best part is that you can pair up a Bluetooth-enabled game controller with your Android TV box via ‘Add device’ in the menu. An Xbox One controller or a PS4 pad will work just fine with your Android TV.

2. Use Voice Control

Most Android TV setups come with a dedicated microphone button that increases the device’s usability. You can use this button to easily open apps, look for actors or shows, change settings etc. Voice Control is the best way to multi-task when using your device.

3. Enable Google Personal Assistant

Google Assistant has been a great fit for phones and other hand devices. For starters, Google Assistant can help you do a lot of things with your device including finding information online, controlling your music, opening apps on your phone, playing content on Chromecast and other compatible devices, reading your notifications among others. Luckily, you can now enjoy a similar experience with your TV. All you need to do is go to the devices menu on your phone, select your TV, and allow ‘Personal results.’ Just try it out and see for yourself the array of TV services you’ve been missing.

4. Load Extra Apps

The Android TV Box usually has fewer apps when compared to an Android phone because it’s for serving the big screens. However, it is possible to add many more apps in the Android TV’s Play Store thanks to Google’s open-source approach. The only limitation is that you can only add apps that are compatible with your TV. Some apps are only usable on phone.

Android TV boxes are a great way to experience movies, games, music, apps, and all the Google service that you love right on your big screen. Getting the best Android box out there is not enough. You ought to know how to use it well. After unboxing and installing your device, start by incorporating the pointers above.

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