How To Order Screens For Screen Printing Perth Services?

You will need high quality screens to provide perfect screen printing Perth services to your clients. Contact a company that uses advanced technology to make such screens. Offer top quality screen printing services for textile and other promotional products. Whether you have a small or large requirement, your screens can be made within the specified time limit.

Use on Different Substrates

Screens are needed to print colorful images on different types of substrates. Some of these substrates include T-shirts, polo shirts, jackets, shopping bags, sports bags, non-woven bags, cooler bags, visors, notebooks, frisbees, camp chairs, umbrellas, jackets, hand towels, beach towels, sports towels, and many other items. Even large format color printing is possible. Contact the screen making company for more information.

Online Easy Process

Now you do not have to visit the screen making company’s shop to place your order. You can do it online itself. Just provide the artwork and some other data to place your order. The screens in four different frame sizes can be ordered. Each screen has a set area for artwork image placement. Most DIY projects use 18 x 20 size screens. The screen size of 20 x 24 is preferred for manual presses. The size of 23 x 31 is preferred for automatic presses, manual presses and larger prints. The screen size of 25 x 36 is preferred for printing large size posters and prints.

Define the Mesh Count

If high resolution is not a priority, you can go for lower mesh count. Larger openings allow more ink to go through. Use higher mesh count if you would like to have more detail and less ink use. You can obtain good results for most projects with 150 mesh count.

Artwork Format

After providing all these details, you have to upload your artwork. The screen making company accepts files in .png, .bmp, .psd, .eps and .ai formats. The image should be in black and white, true to size and minimum 300 dpi. Submit a vector file for best result. Visit the artwork formatting guide page at the screen company’s website to learn more about artwork submission.

Give an edge to your screen printing Perth services by using high quality screens. Some companies offer online tools that let you design and develop your artwork. The screen making service comes with other additional services. You will receive free shipping, money back guarantee and quick turnaround time. This service can be customized if you have any special requirements.

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