Krosno Giftware: Glassware Of Distinction

For close to a century, Krosno has been a renowned manufacturer of marvelous glassware pieces that have acquired something of a reputation for both durability and sophistication. Originating from a little known town in the southern part of Poland, Krosno is a brand that knows no bounds, both geographically, and qualitatively. So to speak of a glass company with a rich tradition of glass manufacturing that dates back centuries is not a vain attempt to sell you a product, but in essence, to invite you to partake in a brand name whose mark has been clearly distinguished through the ages. Even more exciting is that Krosno giftware is tailor made to suit whatever occasion demands the suitability of a gift made from glass.

Spoilt For Choice: Barware, Servingware, The List Is Endless

There is an assortment of glassware to choose from. From both hand and machine made stemware (wine, champagne or Martini glasses), to vases of various shapes and sizes, Krosno will leave you spoilt for choice. Also expect to be mesmerised by our unique collection of platter trays and punch bowls, which are thoughtful gifts by the way. Not to be left out are our collection of serving vessels for beverages. A decanter of superior quality to be accompanied by an equally superior bottle of whisky can be an excellent gift to a drinker. It can also be a fancy carafe for a wine lover, who knows what will incite interest. Just know that we manufacture and stock beverage serving vessels as well.

Where To Buy

The most important question now is where does one get a hold of Krosno glassware? With distributors in over 60 countries spread across the world, an online search for the nearest outlet or stockist in your country is one way to know where to buy. If there aren’t any retail outlets in your city or country, then an online purchase is the next best alternative.

Design, Craftsmanship and Quality

Finding a product that merges traditionalist methods of craftsmanship and design with a flair of the contemporary is something incredibly rare indeed, however, not for Krosn. In light of the extensive commercialisation of world trade in pursuit mass production, very few manufacturers rely on handmade glassware production methods these days. The demand is just too high they say. However, quality should never suffer, which is why the old has been mixed with the new to preserve quality.

It is the truly extraordinary gifts that show the greatest thoughtfulness and there is no better way to do that than to buy glassware from Krosno.

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