PCB Fabrication Assembly Services

Do you need full turnkey PCB assembly services where the fabrication company arranges the parts? You can go for the assembly service where the parts are supplied by you. Whichever option you choose, the fabrication company can handle it both ways. It assures you quick turnaround time and meeting the highest standards of PCB assembling. The turnaround time can be just 24 hours if it is an urgent project for a small quantity of PCB and you are ready to pay a slightly higher charge. You pay the usual standard charge if there is no urgency to receive your PCBs. All types of PCB fabrication assembly services are available at one place.

Single and Multilayer PCBs

A large and established PCB fabrication company accepts all types of PCB orders. You can order a few prototypes or small to medium volume production run. A few prototypes can be made within 24 hours while the production run can take 5-7 days. PCBs of single layer, multilayer, rigid and flex models can be fabricated. Advanced equipment is used to make the PCBs. You will receive high quality boards that are error free and do not require any rework. All these services are available at standard prices. You can expect lower pricing if you place a large volume order.

Full Turnkey Service

This service model is useful when you want your product to get to the market faster and at least cost. The whole process of ordering the parts and components for the PCBs will be handled by the PCB manufacturing company. It helps you focus on your product development, marketing and launch. The complete process involved in the making of the PCB, such as design testing, component purchase, PCB assembly, board cleaning, testing and final shipment will be handled by the PCB company. The full service minimizes your risks and ensures a low overhead. You can move your product to the market quickly.

Consignment Service

This is another way to order PCB fabrication assembly. In this case, the PCB fabrication company offers its expertise while you supply the parts from your side. It is a custom PCB assembly service that will meet your specifications accurately. The PCB assembly team will work closely with your team for smooth supply chain integration. Your printed circuit boards will be assembled and supplied to you in a ready to install condition. Once the PCB company has received the parts and components sent by you, it will handle rest of the process and complete the assembly work on time.

Choose the order option most suitable to your needs, budget and convenience. You can order many other additional PCB services at the same time.

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