Protect Your Property By Hiring A Landscape Contractor St Louis Locals Trust


By working with a reputable landscape contractor St Louis locals can get functional and attractive designs for all their outdoor spaces. These professionals can enhance the usability of your property exterior while significantly increasing the curbside appeal of your home. You may be surprised to discover, however, that the best providers can also protect your investment and help you control your overall ownership costs.

Eliminate Landscaping Features That Are Attracting Pests

Many homeowners who opt to design and implement their own landscaping plans fail to consider how these efforts can increase the likelihood of termites or other troublesome infestations. Adding decorative features such as wood mulch can increase the appeal of your property to insects that feed on cellulose. A trained professional, however, can assess the layout of your yard, search the property for wood to ground contact points that might make the building structure more accessible to subterranean termites and consider the inherent risks of your geographic area. He or she will then be able to make informed recommendations for landscaping features based upon these findings.

Incorporate Native Plants Into Your Landscaping Design

Adding native plants to your landscaped areas is a great way to reduce your water use and keep the required maintenance and spending for outdoor areas to a minimum. These plants will naturally thrive in the local environment and they are also far less likely to introduce or host non-native pests. These can be used in conjunction with other colorful elements to create a stunning, yet sustainable space.

Get Ample Nighttime Lighting For Optimal Visibility And Safety

Another away in which a landscape contractor St Louis residents can hire will help you protect your property is by designing and implementing a comprehensive outdoor lighting plan. This plan can have multiple layers and an optimal amount of flexibility, so that you can create the ambiance that you want. In addition to being adaptable, your outdoor lighting design will also serve as an effective deterrent to vandals and thieves. It will even make it easier for everyone to navigate your landscaped grounds once the sun has set. Best of all, quality outdoor lighting can allow you to have more usable space on your land at all hours of the night or day.

Keeping Moisture Away From The Building Structure

It is additionally important to have a landscaping design that does not cause moisture to collect around the foundation of the building structure. Your provider will make sure that all outdoor additions are designed and placed to keep building materials safe and dry. This will help you avoid moisture issues at the interior of the home, particularly in basement areas.

rsz_stunning-yellow-plants-in-a-modern-front-yardEfforts like these can be especially helpful for those who own older homes that still have outdated clay pipes at the property exterior. These structures are frequently encroached by invasive tree roots and weeds. Planning your landscape designs accordingly can prevent costly, whole-house blockages and the need to pay for pipe replacement services. Consulting with a knowledgeable provider will help you get an outdoor design that is in line with your needs and your goals for your property.

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