Quick Pointers For Hiring Swing Bands For Celebratory Events

The band that you hire for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s day, a wedding, or even a graduation party can make or break your event. Swing bands for hire are quite popular because they offer a wide-range selection of entertainment. These ensembles cover a diverse range of sounds and can elicit different moods by mixing blues, jump jive, lindy hop, rock and roll, plus jazz.

Simply put, swing bands are excellent for any kind of private event. Even so, hiring a reliable band that will not disappoint on the special day can be a tough task. It is why you should consider the following pointers before selecting any ensemble for your event.

1. Figuring out a Band’s Quality

There are so many bands out there that over-promise and under-deliver. You can pre-vet a band by looking at how it presents itself. Here are some things to look for when hiring a band:

• A Great Demo CD: Make sure that your ensemble’s music is in time, in time, and well produced.

• The Photos: A great band will always have decent photos to boot. Band brands that lack nice photos might also skimp on many other important things. A band that cares about its customers knows that presentation really matters.

• Testimonials and Customer Reviews: By reading genuine reviews about a band, you will easily know how it performs.

• Equipment: Professional bands use only quality instruments. When vetting bands, take note what kind of microphones, amplifiers, PAs, and general instruments they use.

2. Planning for Your Band

Once you have a band in mind, the next major step you should undertake is to plan for/ with the ensemble. Most great bands are highly sought-after, which is why you should talk to your selected band as soon as possible. Here are a few things you ought to cover in the planning stage:

• Space: Figure out if your venue has enough room to accommodate the band and its equipment. Ideally, every band member should have 1.5 meters across of space.

• Cost: Agree on the performance prices before-hand to avoid any disputes during your special day. The cost of a band depends on its quality, size and experience.

• Timelines: Get to realize an ideal period for each performance so that you can accommodate the band in your event’s program.

Live swing music is usually infectious, which is why so many people prefer swing bands for hire. People of all ages enjoy the music and no one in your event will feel left out. Make sure to employ the tips above to make the most out of a swing ensemble.

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