Sail Away With Used Outboards

There are always good deals to be found when it comes to boats and boat equipment. There are, of course, other deals which can be problematic if you don’t know what you are looking at. If you are in the market for a replacement Used outboard motors for your boat, the cost of a brand new one can be prohibitive. It may be better if you shop around and see what you can find in the used outboard market.

The important factor to keep in mind on your search is that you need to be careful not to buy someone else’s problem. If they decided that their current outboard was worn out or couldn’t be fixed properly without a lot of expensive parts, they may have bought themselves a new one and are now selling their old one to recover whatever they can get out of it.

You really need to see how any prospective motor runs under a load. This means taking it out onto the water and making sure that it will be able to propel the boat and not just rev up nicely on a stand in some guy’s garage. Many engines can sound good while running free. Also check the oil both before and after taking it out for a spin. Take note of any obvious changes in color or drop in level.

With these caveats in mind, it is possible to pick up a very good engine at an extremely low price in comparison to what a new one might cost. Since most people store their outboards improperly over the winter, carburetor problems are frequent when they start them up in the summer. This often leads them to dump their motor and buy a new one. You can pick these units up cheap and order a new carburetor for them. You can even just clean out the old one properly and have something that runs good as new at less than half the price.

Used outboard motors for sale offer great opportunities to get your boat up and running at a very affordable price so long as you don’t just take the seller’s word for everything. Also keep in mind that many people are so anxious to get rid of their old boats that you can buy an entire boat for the same price as a used motor, take the motor off and then sell or scrap the boat.

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