Shopping For The Best Drones For Your Money

Best Drones are everywhere. You can see them being flown by everyone from small kids to professional videographers. They are in backyards, public parks, and big events. Maybe the craze has made you curious about them. If you are curious about buying your own, then you’re in for a treat as there are lots of great options on the market right now. Before buying one, you need to narrow your choices by specifying your budget and being clear about your intentions. Entry level models are cheaper but they have inferior specifications compared to professional level models. However, you can always shop wisely to get the best drones for your money.

Battery Life

Pay attention to the battery life. This will determine how long you get to fly around with your drone. The cheapest ones will have low capacity batteries that can only last for less than 10 minutes. They might not even provide a spare for quick changes. On the other hand, high capacity batteries will let you fly around 30 minutes and beyond. With a second battery, you can swap and continue in a snap. It will be easier to practice and get nice footages this way.

Camera Quality

Check the quality of the camera that comes with the drone. Don’t settle for anything below HD quality. Some can take 4K footage but the sharpness of the image and the image stabilization effectiveness differs between models. See sample photos and videos from reviewers to gauge whether these are good enough for your purposes. It would also be nice if you can pan and tilt the camera remotely. Some units allow you to install your own action camera for better quality control.

Flight Features

Look into the range of the remote control and the Wi-Fi video streaming. You want this to be as long as possible so that you don’t lose control of your precious drone. Some models will warn if they are getting out of range and return towards you for safety. They might do the same if they are running low on battery. Manual return-to-home controls should also be present in case you lose sight of the unit. Lights are handy for visuals during nighttime flights.


Anything that goes up will go down. Proper take-off and landing are ideal but these don’t always happen. Sometimes the wind will suddenly blow so strong that it will knock the drone to the ground. Get a unit with proven durability, especially when it comes to the blades. Some come with replacement blades for ease of replacement.

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