Surprising Benefits Of Using Rose Water Toner Spray

Rose infused beauty products can work magic on your skin. From moisturizers, facial sprays, and masks, they are all becoming popular due to their ability to hydrate and freshen up the skin. A rose water toner spray in one of those multi-use beauty products that can help soothe irritated the skin, reduce redness, boost radiance, and give you skin a dewy glow. But did you know that the uplifting, hydrating power of rose water mists can also be used for different amazing ways apart from using it in your skincare regimen? To know more, read on.

1: Ease Respiratory Congestion

A surprising benefit of using rose water mist is that it works as effectively as pharmaceutical drugs in reducing respiratory congestion. Rosewater contains about 10- 50 percent of rose oil. Spraying rose water on your face and chest while breathing deeply can cause the essential oil in the rose toner to relax the trachea muscles, making it easier for you to breathe and also reduce cough.

2: Reduce Anxiety

Research shows that the presence of phenolic compounds in rose water act as a natural anti-depressant and can be beneficial in treating mental health conditions like depression, anxiety, and grief. Studies have revealed that inhaling rose water helped ease anxiety in patients undergoing medical procedures. This was primarily caused due to the olfactory sensation sending calming signals to the brain. The antidepressant and anti-anxiety properties of rose water can help relax your mind and body and also promote good sleep. To reduce anxiety using a rosewater facial spray, take long breaths as you give your face, hair, and dress a spritz.

3: Use as a make- up setting spray

If you are looking for a simple make- up hack that can achieve a dewy look, spritz some rose water on your face post your make- up. Spraying rose water on your face is likely to set your make- up, no matter your skin type. Generally, make-up tends to oxidize or meltdown as you are as you go under the scorching sun. This can not only damage your skin but also make it look dark and dull. Spraying a generous amount of rose water on your face before stepping out can help avoid this and restore the pH balance of the skin. For best results, avoid touching your skin for sometime after spraying to allow the rose water set on the skin.

To revive your skin and senses and make you feel fresh, calm, and relax, use rose water toner spray on clean, bare skin in the morning or as a pick- me- up all through the day.

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