Ten Cool Hemp Products

Endless possibilities, that is what you will find if you ask the big question, what is Cool Hemp Products?

Hemp, unlike most parts of the cannabis plant, contains a very low amount of THC (the chemical part of the plant that gives you the high) if at all, so users started to make an array of other products.

Because the name Hemp is synonymous with the actual cannabis plant that produces the high, many have not heard of these products until now, so follow the list below for a look at 10 Cool Hemp Products (CHP).

  1. BEER: The combination of beer and hemp is our fist product and it’s a match made in perfect harmony for each other as hops and cannabis are actual flora cousins. To date, many breweries are popping up that are creating beer infused with cannabis using hemp. As hemp does not contain, this beer will not make you high but quite a unique “weed-y” taste.
  2. SUNSCREEN: Yes sunscreen is another cool product made from this part of the cannabis plant, and is interestingly high in effectiveness all round. This is a result of the hemp as a base of high levels of zinc oxide, which blocks the sun, as the plant itself does not block the sun’s UV, rays. Using sunscreen made of hemp has a bonus, as hemp is very good for your skin making sunscreen beneficial in two ways.
  3. MILK: One product that comes from the seeds of the hemp is the making of hemp seed milk, as these seeds are amazingly nutritious. This is an alternative to anyone who is lactose intolerant or if you want to include the “green” way of life in your diet.
  4. SHOES: There are many companies around that are using hemp-based textiles to manufacture shoes, which come out looking a lot like the canvas shoe. In 2016 a famous sports brand brought out a special 4/20 trainer that featured a hemp body.
  5. ROPE: One of the older and classic products is rope. Making it the first product made from hemp as this hemp-rope goes back to 10 000 years ago when humans first starting making rope with the hemp fibers. It later, in the 18th century, became the chief stuff to use to make the rope of, hence George Washington and Thomas Jefferson grew acres of the plant.
  6. CLOTHES: As per the rope, fabrics made from hemp-fiber also go back for thousands of years, and once you make fabric you can manufacture any type of clothes imaginable.
  7. SOAP: As a base for soap-making, hemp is an excellent choice. Not only because as mentioned before that hemp is good for your skin but the content of fatty substances is high enough to make a good bar of soap.
  8. HEMPCRETE: Processing hemp into industrial-strength Hempcrete is another product that is astounding the building industry, as it is not just an excellent insulator but it is strong and durable, which makes it the number one choice for sustainable housing projects and constructive green homes or other buildings.
  9. HEMP SPORTS CAR: The with a body made entirely from hemp, has been making the headlines globally over the past few years and is known as THE RENEW SPORTS CAR. The manufacturer of the car used hemp-fibers which was weaved and interwoven strongly together and was then covered by a resin known for its super-hardness.
  10. PAPER: Not only is hemp a good environmentally friendly product to make paper from but also makes more sense, as a crop of hemp grows quicker than trying to re-grow a forest, to produce enough wood pulp trees, that is used in the making or normal paper.

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