The Game And Sport Of Airsoft

Paintball rose in popularity in the 1990s and early 2000s. However, in many areas of the world, the sport of paintball has now been replaced by airsoft. Its name is a bit deceiving, as airsoft is really anything but “soft.” Airsoft, is a sport to some, and a hobby to many others. This game places people in direct military simulations with weapons that are the direct size, weight, and look of their bona fide steel counterparts. Heavy focus is placed on squad cohesion, military tactics, mock combat, and looking the part.
Most airsoft events range from 24-40 hours, in which teams compete to capture objectives, win the hearts and minds of local citizenry, and to win points for their respective teams. During the timeframe of play there is usually very little sleep and each unit mans the field for the entire time. Squads usually consist of 11 members, split into two fire teams. Roles of teammates include support gunners, medics, and snipers. The majority of these squads are made up of non-veteran personnel, however, they are trained by military and law enforcement personnel. Tactics used reflect those used in real life military units. For instance, Coyote Tactical Airsoft Team, based in Rock Springs, Wyoming, was trained by a former marine who completed three tours in Afghanistan as an infantryman. Their tactics are a direct crossover. They now compete in national events. Airsoft is even used by law enforcement to train new personnel.
Airsoft guns are categorized into three main types; spring powered, gas, and AEGs, short for automatic electric guns. Spring powered airsoft guns require hand-cocking each time they are fired and shoot with a lower velocity than their gas or AEG counterparts. Guns that are gas powered can used CO2 canisters, propane, or green gas. AEGs are usually like a rifle, utilizing power from a battery and motor. All airsoft guns are legally required to have an orange tip muzzle so that they can be distinguished from their live-fire counterparts.
Guns for this sport were first made by the Daisy BB gun company, marketed to create a new BB gun market by using plastic projectiles instead of metal ball bearings. Airsoft guns require 6mm round pellets, usually referred to as BBs. The BBs are available in different weights and brands. They can be biodegradable or tracer style. Safety precautions are required for this game, although the travel speeds for these pellets are much slower than real bullets. They can be painful when a person is hit and sometimes can cause bruising or other injury. Players liken being hit with a BB to the pain of being snapped with a rubber band. Protective eye gear is imperative, and the nose and mouth should also be protected during play.
Since its inception, the game has expanded and there are more sophisticated guns, more accurate guns, and safer BBs to play the sport with. This has caused an increase in prices and more people to buy airsoft guns online. Coyote Tactical Airsoft Team recommends shopping around to get the best deals.

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