Things To Know About Strippers

When guys go into a strip club, most have specific ideas of what the strippers working there are like. Unfortunately, many are misconceptions. There are things to know about strippers that could change your view of them completely.

1 They Have Normal Lives

Despite their relatively unusual job, most strippers have normal lives when they aren’t working. Many have husbands, boyfriends, and children. Strippers also have friends, family, interests, and hobbies. A stripper’s life outside the club may not be that much different than yours.

2 Many Have Day Jobs

Many strippers who work at night also have jobs during the day. The night job is often to supplement their income to pay for college, to manage household bills, or because they are single moms. Sure there are some strippers who work only in the clubs, but many have day jobs.

3 It’s All An Act

Strippers need to be sexual if they are going to make money. This doesn’t mean that they are performing sexual acts at work. It means that they need to ooze sexuality. In the real world, most strippers aren’t like this. The way they behave in the club is all an act, and during the day, they are just like you and me.

4 Strippers Aren’t All Drug Addicts

There is a common misconception that all strippers are drug addicts or alcoholics, but they aren’t. Most strippers lead healthy, normal lives that don’t include drugs and alcohol. There probably are one or two who drink too much or who dabble in illegal drugs, but this isn’t every girl working in the club.

5 Stripping Can Cause Low Self-Esteem

You would think that since a stripper takes her clothes off in public that she doesn’t have self-esteem issues, but this isn’t true. When you get 20 girls working closely together in very little clothing, these girls look at their co-workers and notice all the ways that they don’t feel they measure up. This can result in self-esteem issues.

6 Strippers Don’t Sleep With Their Customers

There are guys who think that if they take a stripper to a private room that they will get more than a dance. This is illegal in many clubs, and it just doesn’t happen. Sure, there is going to be that one girl who offers sexual favors for more money, but she is the exception to the rule. Most strippers don’t provide sexual favors.

The next time you go to a strip club, remember these things. Strippers are just ordinary people trying to make a living.

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