Top 5 Most Common Dell Computer Repairs Services In Sydney

Like with other types of computers, Dell computers are also susceptible to multiple damages. Whether the Dell laptop you are using is running slow, or it has ceased to function altogether, there are many Dell computer repair technicians across Sydney where you can take your laptop for repair. Below are some common Dell computer repair services that are offered in Sydney.

Motherboard Repair

This entails repairing any motherboard problems that are caused by a power surge, liquid spill or lightning strike. The motherboard is among the most crucial parts of a computer and it controls a number of computer hardware. Among the hardware controlled by the motherboard include video, audio, Keyboard/Touchpad, Firewire, and USB. If your computer’s hardware has issues, take it to a technician to have the underlying motherboard issue diagnosed and fixed.

Keyboard repair or replacement

Some of the signs that your Dell keyboard needs repair or replacement are missing keys and popping buttons. Depending on how damaged the keyboard is, the computer repair technician may either repair the keyboard or replace it.

Overheating Repair

Following prolonged use, most Dell laptops tend to overheat and then shut down on their own. If your Dell laptop has an overheating problem, then its cooling system needs to be checked out by a technician. Though this repair can be expensive, it is worth it as it can save you from other repairs in future such as motherboard repairs.

Touchpad repair

If your touchpad has ceased working, or the mouse keeps skipping or freezing and it is overly difficult to control the cursor, then the touchpad needs replacement. A good technician will replace the faulty touchpad with a new touchpad, boosting the lifetime and usability of your Dell laptop.

Hardware repairs

Hardware repairs are done to repair any hardware issues that the Dell laptop could be experiencing. One of the common hardware repairs needed for Dell laptops includes LCD screen repair, which is done when the LCD screen is either cracked or not turning on. Other common Dell hardware repairs include motherboard malfunctioning repair, power supply repairs, memory upgrades, broken hinges repair/replacement, and optical drive upgrades.


There are so many Dell computer repairs Sydney services that are offered throughout Sydney and its environs. Find out the problem that your laptop is experiencing and then choose a technician who can have that problem fixed promptly. Like any other service out there, to get the most out of your Dell computer repairs Sydney technicians, you need to do some due diligence to confirm their experience and reputation.

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