Understanding Wine Exports From Spain

Spain remains the world’s largest exporter of wines. It is ahead of Italy, its nearest wine export rival, and France, that is at third place. While it is true that wine exports from Spain remain high, its sales value is less than what the French wines get in the international market. In value terms, Spain is at third place. While the French wine in the international market commands EUR 6/liter, the Spain wine can get only EUR 1.25/liter. This low value puts Spain behind even Australia and Chile in terms of wine export value. This low value is due to the French and Italian wine exporters being better at marketing their wines and having a strong presence in the international wine market.

The reason Spain is unable to get higher valuation for its wine is due to its reliance on bulk wine exports. More than half of its wine produced is sold in the bulk form. Wine export experts agree that Spain needs to move up the value chain and start exporting its premium wines. They recommend reducing the production of wine for bulk export. Some wine producing regions of Spain have faced a slump in wine production in recent years due to frost ravaging the harvest. The wine producers are trying to recover from these damages.

Spain is capable of producing the best wines in the world. More importantly, it can produce those wines at affordable costs, making its wines highly competitive in the international market. There are 10 wine regions with 39 Denominaciones de Origen. The major regions include Ribera del Duero, Jerez de la Frontera, Penedes, La Rioja and Galicia. Massive investments have been made in recent years not only in the cultivation of grapes but also in the wine production facilities down the line. The fertile soil rich in alkaline helps produce flavorful wines.

Importers from other countries planning to import wines from Spain can contact the individual vineyards or the wine exporting companies based in Spain. The well known grape varieties are cultivated in these regions. Some towns are completely surrounded by the vineyards that thrive in the chalky soil. Flavorful and hardy varieties of grapes are produced in the hot and chalky soil regions. There are many bodegas that visitors can explore during their visit here. Some of the best sparkling wines are produced here.

The wines in some regions are aged in the underground tunnels that run for several miles. There are many award-winning brands that operate from here. The factories are highly efficient and process a vast amount of grapes each year. Companies offering wine exports from Spain use advanced and sophisticated vineyards and wine producing systems to produce the best quality wines that meet the highest international standards.

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