Wedding Catering In Jacksonville: What Goes In Your Catering Contract?

One area you have to be really diligent when planning a wedding is dealing with caterers. How your guests are catered to on your D-day plays a huge role in the success of your wedding. Therefore, be extra vigilant when hiring wedding catering in Jacksonville.

The first rule of working with caterers is to establish the ground rules through a written contract. A contract binds the catering vendor and also provides legal ground for you to stage a complaint should everything or anything not go as planned. Always be weary of a caterer who avoids signing a contract as this is the first sign of trouble.

With that said, what are the key things to put in your wedding catering contract?

1. Details of your Wedding Day and Venue

Write down the date, time, place, and the duration your wedding will be going for. Give exact physical details and address of the venue and the type of venue it is. It could be a large ballroom or divided into banquet rooms. Put down directions to the venue as well just to be safe.

2. Type of Catering Required

You have to be really specific about what kind of catering you want. Generalizing things gives the caterer the freedom to do what they want on your D-day and you do not want that. Let the contract list whether it will be a buffet or a sit-down gathering. Will you have a cocktail hour and do you want your guests to leave with a snack hamper at the end of the ceremony?

3. Number of Guests

Let your caterer know how many people will be attending. Is it a crowd of 200 people or you are going with an intimate number like 30 people? Ensure you do a second head-count, via RSVPs to ensure that you know the number of people who have confirmed to attend. This makes it easy for your caterer to serve enough food for anyone.

4. The Cake

The cake is the centerpiece of any wedding reception. Lots of people love cake, so you need to ensure it is perfect and according to what you ordered. Therefore, specify on the contract the size, design, style, and flavor of the cake that you want. Do you want one cake for you and your spouse or you want different cake for each? List down the cost as well—for future referencing.


One thing that will make your wedding memorable is how your guests were treated during the reception. As you consider wedding catering in Jacksonville, ensure you are armed with a detailed contract that will keep the caterer in line.

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