What Is Corporate Catering And How Can It Benefit Your Organization?

Corporate catering means providing food services to employees of a company. A company can outsource catering services daily or during a one-time event such as a training or a long meeting. Some companies specialize in offering catering services, with restaurants also joining in on the same.

Individual orders: Every employee submits an order and gets their own meal. Employees do this through a restaurant delivery service or a food delivery app rather than a dedicated catering program.

Types of Corporate Catering

Different corporate catering services offer various food options, although there are common patterns that you will see. Catering types comprise of:

Buffet style: Corporate catering Auckland involves bringing large trays of different foods and selecting the options they like.

Pop-up restaurant: An employee from a restaurant comes and takes orders from the employees without the employees leaving the office.

Food truck: You book the entire truck from the food truck company for a specified period.

Why Should A Company Hire A Corporate Caterer?

A company can hire a corporate caterer to enhance employee engagement and meet the employee’s food needs. Other benefits are:

It Saves Time

Corporate catering saves time and increases productivity because employees are not leaving the offices to look for lunch. It is helpful, especially during meetings or extended training, as it shortens breaks, unlike when employees have to break for a whole hour to go grab lunch.

Improves Employee Retention

By providing the employees with food, they feel valued and will less likely leave the company. Besides care, it also demonstrates how much you appreciate them.

Employees Love Great Food

While catering for daily lunch is good, employees will appreciate occasional treats, especially if you want to make it easy to get through a long training or make a long meeting exciting.

How to Order Corporate Catering

After identifying a Corporate Catering Auckland company, you will want to work with, call and tell them what you need and when you need it. Some companies require some time (4 hours or so) before making a big order delivery, so inform them on time. Once all your concerns are addressed and comfortable with what you are getting, pay up using your company card and set the delivery.

Final Thoughts

As humans, food is life, and we all love it. Research has shown that companies that promote employee engagement are more profitable than those that don’t. Food is one way to attain that. Seek corporate catering more and see your profits soar to unbelievable levels.

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