What You Need To Know About Instagram Scams

Scams can be found on all social media sites, and this includes Instagram. There are a few common Instagram scams you should be aware of, and you should know who’s at risk of falling victim to scams on the site.

Common Instagram Scams

The free exposure scam is commonly targeted at people with small followings. The scam typically works with a random account asking you to message them to learn how to get free exposure. They may give you a few tips before asking you for a fee in exchange to promote your profile via their profile. The problem is they won’t do anything once they got your money.

The free stuff scam is another common one. Scammers will tell you they can send you free stuff, but you have to pay for shipping via a money transfer. If you send money, it goes to the scammer’s account, and they don’t send anything to you.

Let’s not forget about scams where scammers blatantly ask for cash due to an emergency. They’ll do this via comments and/or in direct messages.

Tips For Avoiding Scams On Instagram

Be wary of when random accounts ask you for money. If you don’t know them, and they seem like they aren’t offering a legit service or product, then the chances are it’s a scam. Also, if someone randomly messages you telling you they need cash for an emergency, then steer clear of messaging them back.

Another tip is to check out accounts that have recently followed you and are trying to interact with you. If the account doesn’t have much info or the pics seem fake, the chances are it could be a dummy account. Also, keep an eye out for users who are trying to talk about love with you or how they want to marry someone, while asking you for money.

Who’s At Risk

The truth is anyone who uses Instagram is at risk. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to the platform, been using it for years, have a small or large following, nobody is 100% safe from coming across scams on Instagram. Bear in mind this is the case with all social media sites.

Those are a few common Instagram scams. If you keep the previously discussed tips in mind, you’ll reduce your chances of becoming a victim to scams on the site. Remember, it’s important to always be alert when using the site because anyone who is on it is at risk of coming across a scam.

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