Where Can You Find A Car Elevator?

The population boom in major cities make land a costly purchase. Every square feet can set you back a fortune so most people have to make do with modest lots. You will usually have to live with what you have even when you needs change. However, the horizontal growth restriction can be offset by the limitless vertical potential. It is possible to build up or build down to increase floor space. This can be done to provide more rooms for members of the family. It can also be performed to add more slots for cars that may not be able to fit inside the garage. A car elevator may be used to lift the vehicles up from the basement to maximize space. This kind of mechanism can be found in the following places:


There is no denying that elevators of any kind are quite expensive. This is true for car elevators which may cost $42,000 to $55,000 for some models. It may be possible to find cheaper versions but they would probably still hover in the tens of thousands. Individuals who can afford these may find that every dollar was worth it as long as they can provide space for their precious cars, many of which likely cost them even more than the elevator did. The installation can also impress their peers who might be visiting their home.


A more practical use of these systems would be installations in condominiums. These high-rise residential buildings are becoming common around business districts. Workers want to live near their offices so they rent or buy compact units in these condos. The units themselves are quite small and can barely fit families. As you can imagine, the space for cars is even less. Occupants often have to pay extra just to have a parking space. In some cases, this is enough to fund car elevators from the start of the build knowing that the cost can be recouped later on.


Another application is in showrooms where cars take center stage. It makes sense to have an elevator installed there as new vehicles can make a dramatic entrance. We have seen these in different videos. The floor opens up and a shiny car magically appears from underneath the ground to the delight of the spectators. It never gets old. In this case, the elevator is a sensible investment as it allows companies to move vehicles efficiently during an important show. The showmanship of the reveal is also great for marketing.

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