Why You Should Play Spot The Football Game Online

All over the world, people of different classes, cultures, races, and nationalities have for a long time considered gaming only as an addictive diversion and entertainment source. Nevertheless, recent studies show that skill games are very beneficial endeavor, and that we should all try them as a way of strengthening and relaxing our brains.

So the more we play the spot the football online, the more we improve brain performance. How does this happen? Well, first it is important to understand what the game entails.

For starters, Spot the Football game is one of the oldest football challenges for website and newspaper readers. The organizers collate pictures, where the ball could be in a number of different locations, and places different numbered balls on the photos to confuse you (the player). Your role is to identify which numbered ball is obscuring the actual ball in the photo from the match.

Here are a few benefits that you stand to gain by playing this game regularly:

1. Improves cognitive skills

Figuring out where the ball could create a lot of mental stimulation. Remember, this game requires one to coordinate his/ her visual, physical, and audial movements, so it is awesome when it comes to improving coordination skills.

2. Enhances problem-solving abilities

Since the online version of the game has rules that players must abide by when playing, careful thinking becomes inevitable if one wants to win a particular challenge. Therefore, if you continuously tackle the challenges that come with this game, you will become better at dealing with real life issues.

3. Memory enhancement

Like any other online game, you receive instructions only at the beginning when playing the Spot the Football game, which forces you to remember the information you see or hear when starting. This visual/ auditory memory training goes a long way in helping you recollect important details better.

4. Improves concentration

The fact that this game captures your attention the entire period you are playing builds your ability to focus in normal life. You cannot win in any online game without 100% concentration and this coach you on how to focus perfectly on something you are doing.


You wouldn’t be wrong to assume that excellent gamers perform similarly well in other areas of their lives. In addition to the benefits aforementioned, winning in Spot the Football game will earn you season tickets to watch your favorite team.

Therefore, this exciting game is for the ultimate club football fan who solidly supports his/ her team. Your family might just get a chance to watch all season’s games live, but whether that happens or not, your brain will be improving its capabilities every time you play this game.

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