Overview Of Publish IOs App

Apps developed need to be launched in an App store, this is done by publishing them on the App store of ones choosing for mass distribution. For an app to be published, it first goes through a few clicks, and finally has to be submitted for review. More than 90percent of the apps are reviewed within 48 hours after submission, although some can be reviewed within 24 hours of submission. For a user to publish an iOs app on the Apple app store, they need to sign up for the Apple developer program first. Here is an overview of publish iOs app works.

iOs App Publishing Fee

For any publication, there is a fee paid either monthly or annually in order for iOs apps to be published on the Apple app store. The annual fee for one to publish iOs apps on the Apple app store stands at 99.

Steps in Publishing iOs App

The first step is to sign in to the Apple developer program, the developer then prepares the app for submission. using the App store connect, the developer creates an app store listing. This is then followed by availing screenshots of the app. Using Xcode, the app is uploaded and then submitted for approval. The status of the iOs app can be checked in iTunes under the section of My App.

iOs App Publishing Number limit

A developer can publish as many applications as they can, as long as they get approval from the Apple app store. However, there are set guidelines and terms that need to be followed for one to successfully publish apps in iOs. Whenever a developer submits many apps that are somewhat similar, this may be subject to rejection and even removal from submitting any more apps by being removed from the Apple developers program. Maintaining the Apple developer’s license should be a priority to any developer. Apple’s App Approval Guidelines are used in this case and followed to the latter so that developers avoid pitfalls that can highly lead to rejection or removal from the developer’s program.


Publishing a new app should not be hard for any user, be it a new or old user. For an iOs app to be published, a few clicks need to be made but as a first-time developer knowing the above mentioned basics makes it easier to navigate the publishing criteria on Apple App Store.

Types Of Car Loans That You Should Know

Are you considering owning a car through a car loan? Well, this guide will help you to understand the main types of car loans. It is essential to apprehend different types of loans so that you can make a sound decision. Here are the main types of car loans you should check.

Commercial hire purchase

Commercial higher purchase is where a financier buys a vehicle and then hires it to a client over a given period. This type of car loan applies to both individuals and businesses. Generally, the monthly fee pays out the loan after the agreed time is over, and clearance is done. After that, the car is taken to the motorist. The chattel mortgages normally replace commercial hire purchase.
Characterized by low capital outlay.
It offers fixed repayments and interest rates.
It can be revised to suit the borrower’s pocket.
Its flexible payment model makes financing a car more comfortable.
Finance Lease

With this type of car loan, the financier purchases the car and later leases it to a motorist. A finance lease is a model that offers immediate use of the vehicle with a reasonably low capital outlay. Such leases are accessible to individuals and businesses that want to use the car for commercial purposes. The buyer is responsible for maintenance and the trade-in residual risks of that car. After the lease period is over, the buyer can refinance, return, buy, or sell it for a residual amount.
Low or no capital outlay.
A motorist can start using the car immediately.
Repayments are tax-deductible, and GST is payable.
Fixed interest rates
The standard loan

The standard loan is also referred to as the bank or credit union. Usually, the financier lends the buyer the cash to purchase a new or second-hand car. This is the easiest of all car loans. However, you have to be financially prepared for additional costs. A standard car loan can be either secured or unsecured. In this case, the car will be the security for the loan. The financier will also want it fully insured.
The terms of payment are flexible.
Finance may include even on-road costs.
The agreement consists of monthly payments.
The interest is fixed and usually low because the car is secure.

Novated Lease

Novated Lease is a three-way agreement where your wage is reduced in exchange for a car. You will directly lease the vehicle from your financier. Payments can be made through a novated agreement on your wage. All the operating costs of that car, including registration, insurance, and servicing, are covered by you.
You own it when the lease is over.
The car can be used for private purposes.
You have the freedom to choose the car you want.
Other types of car loans
Operating lease
Chattel mortgage
Direct financing
In conclusion, car loan rates and deals vary from one institution to another. Therefore, make sure you choose a model that suits your budget.

Reasons To Consider Fast PCB Prototyping

Before starting the manufacturing of an electronic product, an engineer always gets help from fast PCB prototyping. Printed Circuit Board is an essential component of every electronic product. Standard PCBs are finalized before the manufacturing phase. However, when a product has an intricate design and an engineer wants to perform multiple tests on its functionality and designs, he always prefers to order a PCB prototype.

It might seem like an extra step during the design phase, but it’s undoubtedly the most important one. Here are some reasons that make this step the most effective one for every electronic manufacturer.

Save Money

No matter how well a designer creates a standard PCB’s design, there is a possibility of errors and flaws in designs. The purpose of going with a prototype is to identify all those errors in designs. When a product has an intricate design with multiple layers, an engineer would prefer to test its different layers using various prototypes. It’s because he can pinpoint the problem area and find the solution in the design phase.

If this PCB moves to the production phase while its development is almost complete, then changing its design means wasting all the investment. Manufacturers hire engineers and assemblers who can create and look into PCB prototypes beforehand. This inspection is a must to find design flaws and fix them promptly. Once a product is in the manufacturing phase, any error or design problem would become a challenging situation for a manufacturer.

Save Time

Another reason is that one can save time by going with fast PCB prototyping. Standard PCB takes more production time than the prototype. Thereby, the engineer asks for multiple prototypes so that they can explore the functionality of a component. If a product requires more than one PCB, an engineer can scrutinize each PCB before its final assembly.

Skipping this step of prototyping means relying only on standard PCBs that would take more time, and if there are some issues in those circuit boards, engineers need to send them back. Thereby, the actual production of PCB would take more time. The better way is to go with a prototype that can be created fast on time and helps manufacturers identify vital problems and find their solutions.

Launch an Improved Product

Once an engineer visualizes and inspects a product’s design through fast PCB prototyping, it becomes easier for him to see whether it would work great or not. He can look at this prototype closely and make changes that can boost product functionality. Thereby, a manufacturer can offer better products to its customers.

How To Get A Car Loan With Bad Credit In NZ

A bad credit car loans NZ is a serious inconvenience but it is not the end of the world. If you are trying to get a loan but you have bad credit, you can still get certain categories of loans for people in your position. You can get a car loan even with your bad credit situation. You can also get a home improvement loan and certain categories of personal loans. Below are some things you should consider if you are trying to access bad credit car loans NZ.

Take Advantage of Pre-qualification

These days, many online lenders will allow you check if you qualify for a loan even before you apply. This is a great idea and it is to your advantage. You should take advantage of this offer because it will help your case. If you qualify, you can go ahead and apply. Even if you don’t qualify, you have not lost anything because the pre-qualification process is free.

Consider Secured Loans

This is an excellent idea in the sense that secured loans are relatively for people with bad credit. The best about a secured loan is that the lender is taking very little risk. You want a car loan but your credit score does not qualify you for the loan. Once you can put up security for the loan, this will make it easy for you to get the loan. For instance, you have car already but you want to buy another one. If you just offer your car as collateral, the lender will give you the loan and you can buy a new car.

Add a Co-Signer

If your credit is not as good as it should be, you can get the car loan you need by adding a co-signer. Your ideal co-signer is someone with a good credit rating. This person takes on a bit of responsibility for the loan and may be required to repay the loan if you fall behind on your payments. A co-signer will definitely improve your chances of getting a loan and may even help you get lower interest rates.

Gather Financial Documents

In many cases, getting a loan comes down to having the right financial documents. It follows that you should provide pay stubs, employment information, tax documents and other related items. Gather the relevant financial documents and you improve your chances of getting a loan.

Final Word

As you can see, getting a loan even with bad credit is not impossible. Follow the tips in this article and you will definitely get that loan.