Civil Construction Is For The Benefit Of The Community

img1Civil construction involves the building of facilities that are to be used for the common good in a community. This can include public buildings, such as libraries and courthouses, as well as roads, bridges, dams, canals, and underground utilities.

Preparation for such projects is done using the design talents and knowledge of civil engineers. These professionals have been trained in the engineering techniques that can take advantage of and direct the powers of nature to the benefit of man and to solve some the problems of a society.

Because civil projects are intended to improve the public domain, they typically are funded through taxes or the sale of government bonds. In many cases, voters must be asked for permission to borrow or spend the large amounts that such projects can demand.

Also, because these projects are for the common good, the law permits the acquisition of the property for them from private owners through what is known as eminent domain. This allows a government entity to take over the ownership of land with proper compensation to the current owner as determined to be the fair market value if the land was being employed in its highest and best use.

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