How Laptop Repair North Sydney Works

Migrating your site to the new HTTP2 protocol can bring great benefits for a successful ranking of your website. What is the HTTP2 protocol? It is the new version of the HTTP network protocol and optimizes the transfer of information between servers and browsers. To migrate in HTTP2 you must first activate the HTTPS version and then contact your hosting service. On the other hand, you can count on Laptop Repair North Sydney for excellent service.

It is recommended to choose a reliable host to avoid exposing your website to continuous errors or crashes. Choosing too cheap or unsafe hosts increases the risk of slowing down loading processes or incurring fatal errors in operating the web site.

Cache memory

Before explaining how to optimize this type of memory, we would first like to introduce you to the concept. What is cache memory? Cache memory is a type of memory that can store the most recent data on a page. Using a good caching system, therefore, allows to speed up the loading process so that visitors can consult the content of your site without, every time, having to request them from the database.

This means significant time savings and a more enjoyable browsing experience. On the net you can find good plugins like WP Rocket not particularly complex to install and run.

Similarly, to ensure good speed and high performance you need to delete plugins that are not needed or that are not used and use, if possible, lightweight plugins in order not to overload your website too much. There are three very precise parameters on which you can immediately check and which, if respected, can meet your expectations (and those of your website), in particular Laptop Repair North Sydney.

They correspond to the total number of requests sent to the server during the processing of the browser we are using to load the page. It is also necessary to continuously monitor the performance of your website: keeping numbers under control increases the chances of avoiding errors and, consequently, increasing performance. To perform this task in the best way, you need to use some useful tools on the web.

What tools do you use to check the loading speed of your website’s pages? Testing the speed of your website is an action that must be performed periodically to monitor performance or detect and correct any errors. To do this, there are a number of SEO tools on the web that do not require great technical knowledge and are able to return very useful and functional results.

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