The Advantages Of EPOS Over Traditional Systems

In the retail industry, point-of-sale systems refer to the equipment used to complete transactions. They are vital in obtaining payments and recording the details. Included are the timestamp, the name of the cashier, the price of every item, the SKUs, and the total cost, among other important information. Past models included specialized hardware designed for the task. Cashier could type on a keyboard, see the results on a screen, place the cash inside the register, and print receipts. Nowadays, traditional systems are giving way to software-as-a-service POS. This is sometimes called ePOS and there are plenty of reasons why the industry is embracing it with open arms.

Platform Independence

The software lives on the cloud. It can be accessed through the Internet using any browser. This means that it can be paired with virtually any type of computing apparatus that supports online access. There are some which are optimized for a particular operating system but most can switch seamlessly from one to another. This means that they can be used on a full desktop PC, a laptop, a tablet, or even a smart phone. The entry of mobile devices mean that POS machines no longer need to sit on a dusty corner all day. It can be brought directly to the customer if that is more convenient, or moved around depending on the needs of the store.

Secure Storage

Since the program and data all reside on the cloud, there is no need to worry about backups, erasures and attacks. The software provider will take care of everything at the back-end. That is why it is necessary to search for a highly reputable company. The features are definitely a huge factor but so is security, particularly because of the nature of the task. Every transaction should be meticulously recorded and archived at a safe remote location. There must be continuous backup and redundancy so that the data will never be lost. Malicious attacks will not prosper thanks to encryption, firewalls, and other security measures.

Continuous Updates

Another advantage of ePOS is the quick deployment of updates. With old systems, new features may not be available for years. You would have to buy the latest models to enjoy better operation. This means purchasing new hardware all over again, sinking thousands of dollars in the process. Sometimes firmware updates are available but they also take time to roll out. With the new systems, updates can occur monthly, weekly, or even daily if necessary. Small changes are made as they become available to eliminate bugs, add features, and improve system efficiency. Look for an ePOS London specialist to upgrade your store’s retail system.

UK Mortgages For Expats

The UK is one of the best places to live, work and invest. As Europe’s financial hub, the UK attracts high net worth individuals and the best minds from all over the world. This has seen property prices skyrocket. In fact, research has shown that property prices in the UK have been growing by double digits. Since property prices are already high, this growth rate gives investors a great return on their investments. Another important point to note about the property market is that occupancy rates in commercial and residential properties are some of the highest in the world. These are just some of the factors that have been driving growth in the UK property market. While it may be easy for UK residents to get a mortgage to buy property, British expats often have a difficult time.

UK Mortgages for Expats

There are many challenges that expats face when they want to buy property. The first is proving their income and credit worthiness. The second is the difficulty in servicing a mortgage using local currency. The third is managing the property while living overseas. There are many other challenges that mortgage lenders have sought to address through their expat mortgages. Most lenders offering expat mortgages in the UK only finance buy-to-rent properties. However, some lenders offer mortgages for residential properties. If you already have an existing mortgage that has inconvenient terms and conditions, you can have the mortgage refinanced as you continue to work and service the credit facility from abroad.

Choosing the Right Expat Mortgage Lender

Obviously, it is important you check the interest rate quoted by a mortgage lender. After all, there is no reason why you should pay a higher rate of interest just because you are an expat. Since rates usually vary from time to time, you may want to choose a fixed rate mortgage to ensure you pay the same rate of interest throughout the term of the loan. Since you are most likely being paid in local currency, the conversion rate to the Pound Sterling may force you to pay more money in the future. For this reason, you may want to consider working with a lender that has a local subsidiary as they can offer the best Forex rates.

Ideally, you should borrow from a lender with a lot of experience lending to expats. Firms that are just entering the expat mortgage lending business may not know the challenges associated with lending to people who live in another country. Furthermore, you may want to work with a mortgage broker who will advise and guide you through the expat mortgage process.

How To Hire The Right Translator When You Cannot Cross Check The Translated Work?

What precautions should you take when hiring a translation firm for translating content or documents from English into a foreign language? Well, the risks involved in the process depend on your familiarity with the foreign language.

If you know how to read and write Chinese, then you probably can translate the content on your own. Or, you can hire just anybody because you can always crosscheck and verify the translated text on your own. However, things can get complicated when you want English to Chinese translation done and are completely unfamiliar with Chinese.

You won’t have the option of reviewing the work and assessing the quality of Chinese translation on your own. You can rely on a third party but that is only when to increase the cost without providing any guaranteed results. In a situation where you cannot independently verify the quality of work done, the smartest choice would be to compare options and identify a professional service provider offering quality services.

A professional translation firm will be committed to providing quality service irrespective of whether you know the foreign language or not. As an entrepreneur, the quality of service you offer does not depend on the level of supervision by your client, right? A professional will do a good job under all conditions and circumstances. Comparing options and identifying such a translation service provider is the smartest option.

Further, you can safeguard your position, especially in commercial transactions, by clearly indicating that you are blindly relying on the translation service provider. Clearly stating that you don’t know any Chinese and that you are not in a position to verify the translated content will be a great legal safeguard. It will place additional responsibility on the service provider to do a good job. Convey this in writing and make sure you have a written confirmation from the service provider.

Finally, make smart use of customer reviews normally available on websites of different translation service providers. Go through multiple reviews and try to identify sites that have genuine reviews from real customers. Also, focus on the experience of the service provider and the number of years over which it has been providing services to domestic and international clients.

A firm that does a shoddy job of translating content from English to Chinese is unlikely to survive for long. A company has lasted years and has a portfolio of numerous big and small clients may be a safer option as compared to a new entrant this field. Not knowing Chinese need not be a very big problem when hiring a translation firm. A common-sense approach combined with clear communication should be enough to safeguard your position.

Tips For Choosing The Best Bath Towels

Everyone knows how delightful it is to use a soft, fluffy towel right after getting out of the shower. But not all towels are created equal — some do a better job than others. To help you spot a quality bath towel when shopping, you first have to understand what makes a good one.


Your choice of towel should be able to dry you completely when you step out of the shower or bathtub. After all, this is its basic purpose. Towels have weight measurements (GSM, or grams per square meter) that determine the quality. A higher GSM in a towel indicates better absorbency.

However, GSM ratings aren’t always easily found. If this number is not indicated, look for a heavy towel that has a thin yarn and deep pill. The latter refers to the cut fabric that comes out of the towel, while the yarn indicates the thickness of a single pill.


While it’s easy to assume that a lighter towel would do a better job, this isn’t always the case. The best towels are usually woven more densely, which means they tend to feel heavier than they appear. The key indicator of thickness is the towel’s pill. This should be woven so densely that the towel becomes opaque.

Fiber Content

It’s advisable to check the label stitched into a towel to ensure that its fabric content is as advertised. This way, you’ll avoid being misled by false adverts claiming that it’s 100% cotton when the content is only 10%. Also, only opt for towels made entirely out of microfiber or natural fibers; steer clear of those made using mixed fibers. Generally, Turkish linen bath towels are widely preferred due to the smoother threads that come as a result of the long fibers. They also tend to become fluffier and softer with successive washings.


Edges that are double-stitched and double-turned are more likely to have a longer life. Also, look for towels with properly-reinforced edges as they’re less likely to fray. Keep in mind that edges are often the fastest-wearing part of a towel.


Towels can significantly improve your bathroom’s visual appeal. While the traditional towel is timeless, you might want to spruce things up just a little bit. And this doesn’t need to be hard; even buying a towel with monograms could boost your bathroom’s overall look.

Having a quality towel is one of life’s most mundane luxuries. When shopping, remember to look for large, thick, soft and absorbent towels. While these tend to be pricey, you’ll never have to replace old, worn out towels after purchasing one.

Fashion And Style: Use Wholesale Bags Australia To Complete Your Look

Fashion items like clothes, accessories, jewelries, shoes, and bags, are but of the things we use to put our best style forward as men and women making our way through the world. Naturally then, style is an important part of how we express ourselves and show up in the world. Great style help us to show up and stand out in the world and attractive fashion pieces help us to create our own, unique and great style.

Wholesale Bags Australia: Great Style Does Not Have To Cost A Fortune

Many persons are under the misguided belief that great style comes with a hefty price tag. Nothing could be further from the truth. Sure, there are fashion items that are expensive due perhaps to their make, but this is not (and does not have to be) the case all the time. Truth is, great style built on fashionable pieces stem from quality as opposed to price. As such, it is quite possible (and increasingly becoming the norm) to get fashionable pieces at bargain rates. Everything from the common place sales discount to special wholesale bargains are available.

Pulling It All Together

Variety is the spice of life, and how we put all our pieces together is what really makes the statement. For example, you may just be wearing a simple pair of black jeans with sandals and a top, but the coloured handbag and pair of shades you pair it with gives it the extra pop it needs to help you stand out in a good way.

Finding Fashion Bargains Without Skimping On Quality

As stated before, bargain prices do not equate to reduced quality. Thanks to the explosion of e-commerce and Internet shopping, there are a host of items available in many a digital store front. Best of all many if these options are available at record low costs. To sift through the myriad of choices and pick the best options for you, you can start with customer reviews. These sorts of consumer-based product reviews are particularly important online where you will not be able to try items first hand. This is true whether you are purchasing wholesale bags Australia, or whether you want to grab that little black dress in time for your dinner date on Friday evening.

All it takes to find the fashion items you are looking for is a simple web search using a search engine of yours. Once you have found a few online portals that interest you and seem to carry the item you want is to compare them so that you get the best price and product. You can also search in most online portals directly for the item you seek.

Top 5 Fishing Accessories

For the fishing trip of a lifetime, you need the right accessories. Whether you are learning to fish or you are an expert, you need proper gear if you desire success. Fishing accessories Australia includes hooks, rods, reels, sinkers, lines, plastic worms, lures, and needle nose pliers among other accessories.

You need to have a well-stocked tackle box before you head off fishing. Preparation is the key to successful and enjoyable fishing. The accessories needed depend on the kind of fish that you want to catch. Personal preferences play a role on the type of accessories that a person will buy. However, there are must have accessories that every fisherman should have.

1. Fishing Hooks

Fishing hooks are necessary. These come in a wide array of variations and sizes. You need a hook that has been developed to meet the needs of your preferred fishing method. Fishing hooks have more than nine point variants. These include beak, reversed, knife edge, short, and needle. A hook with a knife edge point will cut into the bone and flesh of fish. Thus, it will be useful when angling hard mouthed fish. Needle point hooks have great penetration.

An expert angler will not only carry one type of hook. He will have a variety so that he is well prepared for different types of fish. The smallest hook has a size of 32 while the biggest 19/0.

2. Sinker

Your fishing rig needs a sinker so that it can sink deeply. This accessory is available in various materials including steel, tungsten and brass. Lead sinkers are outlawed in many countries because they harm the environment.

3. Fishing Line

A fishing line is used for bait casting reels, spin cast and spinning. It is available in different materials including titanium, stainless steel, nylon and polyethylene.

Stainless steel lines are the best. This is because it is hard for fish to cut a steel line. They also have abrasion resistance therefore they cannot be damaged by sharp objects. The most flexible and elastic lines are the titanium fishing lines. A titanium line cannot corrode and it will last for long.

4. Lures

A lure is used to attract fish. A fishing fanatic will find different types of lures in the market including top water lures, spoons, spinners and minnow imitations. You should buy a lure that matches your personal preferences, tastes and needs.

5. Fishing Reel

This is a device for unwinding and winding the fishing line. It is usually attached to the fishing rod. The most common type of reel is the fly reel. This device has a simple construction and facilitates seamless fishing. One has to choose between manual and automatic fly reel.

When preparing for angling, it is important to pack lines, reels and rods for the type of fishing you will be carrying out. You need to pack everything in a small, compact tackle box. A backup box will come in handy. It is always good to have some extras.

Applications Of Professional Commercial Photography

When you need extraordinary images, you need to turn to professional commercial photography. Technology may have improved the tools and made them easier to operate but not everyone can produce excellent results. There is a big difference in the outputs of amateurs and professionals. Advertising executives, magazine editors, and the like appreciate the quality of their work. They always hire the pros for covers, profiles and campaigns. Different people are called depending on their area of expertise to ensure fantastic pictures. The following are three of the most common types of photography that require a professional touch:


These are quite tricky to cover. Unlike studio work, things happen quickly and you only have a few seconds to capture important moments. It is difficult, if not impossible, to have people do things all over again. Photographers need to be on their toes at all times so that they don’t miss anything significant. They should come early to check out strategic areas for their shots. Sometimes they are constrained to a certain spot such as the press box along with other pros. They need to be able to make the most of the situation and get the job done despite the limitations.


Food photography is all about creativity. Unlike events coverage, this tends to be more relaxed as it is done in a controlled setting. This can be a photo studio with complete equipment or a restaurant kitchen with vital tools in position. All the elements can be modified to the heart’s content until perfect shots are obtained. There are several techniques that needs to be mastered to make the food look great on camera. Even the most delicious fare may require a bit of styling to become a feast for the eyes. The job of the photographer is to whet the appetite with a visual extravaganza.


Selling a house is a massive undertaking. You are asking people to part with a sizeable fortune to purchase your home. They will not do so lightly. Showing them amazing pictures of the interiors will certainly help your cause. Through this gallery, they may become curious enough to ask for an actual visit — one step closer to a deal. This type of photography may also be requested by hotels, restaurants, spas, and other commercial establishments. The images may be used in print ads, social media, and official websites to attract new customers.

Advantages Of Weight Loss Surgery For Obesity

If you suffer from severe obesity, the chances are good that you’ve tried many different diets, and although you lose some weight, you gain it all back again.

More than ten years ago, the National Institute of Health (NIH) found that it is useless for those suffering with severe obesity to use normal methods of weight loss such as eating less calories, having more exercise, and participating in the usual weight loss programs. They found Weight Loss Surgery or bariatric surgery, as it is also referred to, to be the only effective method to treat severe obesity, and maintain that weight loss over a long period of time.

How will I benefit from Weight Loss Surgery?

Surgery for weight loss can be extremely useful in helping to break the brutal weight gain cycle that plagues so many overweight individuals. Also, it not only improves your general quality of life, but helps you to achieve long-term weight loss as well. The benefits you will enjoy include:

Successful long-term weight loss — most studies conducted, show that about 90% of the people who have undergone surgery for severe obesity, have been successful in maintaining 50% or more of their excess weight loss. Studies conducted among individuals suffering with super severe obesity reported that more than 80% of those who underwent bariatric surgery, were able to maintain more than 50% of their excess body weight loss.

Improved health and longevity — extensive research has shown that there is a lower death risk among severely obese patients who have undergone surgery, than obese individuals who have not had surgery. Yet another study conducted, which compared the mortality rate of non-bariatric and bariatric patients, showed a more than 90% reduction in diabetes-related deaths, and a 50% or more reduction in deaths associated with heart disease.

Improvement or cure of existing diseases — one of the main reasons why there is such a significant reduction in the mortality rate after surgery, is because of the incredibly significant improvement of those diseases that are worsened or caused by obesity. Apart from highly successful weight loss, this form of surgery is also able to improve or even cure obesity-related illnesses such as sleep apnea, high blood pressure, arthritis, asthma and other breathing disorders related to obesity, cholesterol disorders, fatty liver disease, gastroesophageal reflux disease, urinary stress incontinence, venous stasis, and pseudo-tumor cerebri, to name but a few.

Quality of life and psychological status improvement — after this type of surgery, overall quality of life improves drastically. Patients are more mobile, they have a better self-esteem, are able to be employed, have an increased sex life, and enjoy life socially. Anxiety and depression are also significantly reduced after surgery.

Why You Should Take Advantage Of The Services For Windscreen Replacement Perth Companies Are Offering

If you have a small crack or a minor rock chip in your auto glass, you should secure the services for windscreen replacement Perth companies are offering. Although these developments can seem like little more than aesthetic issues, they can actually have a marked and very negative impact on your personal safety. Failing to have these issues corrected can also result in a legal citation if driver visibility is determined to be significantly compromised.

The Windscreen Offers Important Structural Support

Surprisingly, the windscreen is an integral part of your vehicle’s support system. Although it is comprised of glass, this structure is actually designed to keep the roof from caving in during a serious automobile accident, thereby protecting all vehicle occupants. If this glass is compromised or weakened by chips, cracks or other damages, it is more likely to shatter and collapse. This breakaway glass is not likely to cause serious harm to the driver and passengers, but it will weaken the topmost portion of the vehicle overall, which could be very detrimental in the event of a rollover.

Chips, Cracks And Other Damages Can Spread Quickly

A small chip in the windscreen will not spread at a rapid rate if it is not surrounded by other forms of damage. In most instances, however, chips are accompanied by cracks. As you continue to drive your car, your windscreen will be subjected to a considerable amount of pressure, due to wind forces. This will invariably cause damages to spread. As a result, the entire pane of glass will only grow weaker as time goes by and the required repairs will become significantly more extensive.

You’ll Have Limited Visibility

These damages can also have a considerable impact on driver visibility, particularly once they start to spread. It can be hard to see obstacles and other problems with the resulting distortions and impairment. Thus, in addition to increasing the severity of auto accidents, these are issues that will also increase the likelihood of accidents. This is something that local law enforcement agents are certainly cognizant of. This is why it is not uncommon for these entities to give drivers citations for failing to have damaged windscreens replaced and repaired.

The Costs Of These Repairs Are Nominal

By securing the services for windscreen replacement Perth companies are offering as soon as minor damages become apparent, you can limit the both the costs and magnitude of the related repair efforts. The top companies in this industry can help you find an affordable solution. Moreover, irrespective of the amount that you must pay, this investment will invariably prove cheaper than letting these problems spiral out of control and risking a major accident.

The Benefits Of Hydronic Heating

If you need to winterize your home, looking into efficient heating systems is one of the best ways to do it. While many may be comfortable with their vent based heating systems, the truth is that there is an even more efficient system available that you can use for all of your heating needs. Hydronic heating is easily one of the most reliable and efficient systems that you can establish in your home, available at an extremely affordable cost as it well. It is a system that is based entirely around tubing underneath your floor, where hot water is circulated and the resulting heat rises up through the floorboards to heat your home. Using this type of system will not only help keep your home comfortable, but it can also be a good way to control what sections of your home you heat.

As such, one of the most immediate advantages of using hydronic heating systems is the unsurpassed level of comfort. All heating systems should focus on providing comfort as a central part of their construction. This method of heating ensures that once the system is set up, comfort is easily and readily established based on what the homeowner wants. These systems are extremely easy to control and they deliver heating changes almost immediately, covering the entire room without creating any cold or hot spots.

These systems can also be a very good way for you to manage your energy usage and focus on ways to save money on your energy spending. Not only are these systems very efficient in their energy utility, but they ensure that you follow better energy saving standards. Zone control can be very easy with this type of system, helping you make sure that you do not waste any energy heating a room that you are not spending time in. Additionally, this type of heating system provides a very even level of comfort, which helps you avoid the need to adjust the temperature settings every so often.

Finally, hydronic heating systems are extremely versatile in terms of what they can provide for your home. Not only will they be able to establish the exact type of environment that you want, but they can also be a very good way for you to plan ahead on any room’s aesthetic features. These systems are sleek and easy to install, and are designed to free up the clutter that you would otherwise expect with a less sophisticated form of heating. It is an ideal purchase that will pay for itself in terms of savings and comfort.

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